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Lake St Clair Fun Runs

Who are we?

We* are the offshore / performance boat owners that live around, and enjoy the Lake St Clair area. There is no membership fee’s to join, simply show up (preferably on time) at ‘said’ starting location and join in the fun. Any type of boat is welcome. Please remember though, that a majority of the boat owners have performance orientated watercraft and cruising is often done with speeds over 50 mph. Cruisers and runabout boats are welcome to participate, but are encouraged to persuade another boater in the same category to join. After all, the fun in “fun run” is driving across the lake / river with a group of friends.

When do these Fun Runs take place?

At time of press release, the initial plan to have a run every other weekend starting on June 12th. Each run is anticipated to occur on Saturday with a rain day on Sunday… except for July 24th which is the Sunsation Rally. Participators are encouraged to organize smaller (or perhaps bigger) events on off weekends. After all, this is a VERY loose knit operating and shouldn’t resemble anything close to an organization! ? Departure time will be decided depending on destination location and activity. PLEASE ARRIVE 30 MINUTES BEFORE DEPARTURE TIME! When it’s GO time, the pack will leave regardless how close any straggling boats might to arriving at the milling area.

Tentative Dates:

June 12th & 26th
July 10th & 25th (Sunday)
August 14th & 28th
(Sept. TBD)

Where do these Fun Runs go?

Each fun run starts off just North of Mac and Ray’s in the Lake. Typically, we will have boaters mill around and / or raft off each other while waiting for others to join. Come “GO” time, the boats will head to the predetermined destination. Previous destinations have included: City of St. Clair, Wyandotte, and Port Huron. We are always open for new suggestions. The destination has always involved a lunch stop at a waterfront restaurant.

What do I need to bring?

A boat, some friends, and a good attitude are all anyone should ever have to bring. Beer for the organizers always helps too! There is no fee to join the club or participate in the run. Lunch tab will be the responsibility of whoever ate / drank said item on the bill. Talks have been made to organize a banquet style lunch and / or a helicopter photo shoot. This type of planning would obviously require some monetary contribution from participants, but the cost will be kept as low as possible.

Who should I contact if I want to attend?

Tom Mager (586) 292 – 1526
Andrew Bayley (586) 484 – 7229

Please contact one of the above at least 24 hours prior to the run. This is requested in order to reserve adequate seating and boat dockage at the luncheon destination.

Photos Hosted by: The Lake St Clair Network

Jult 5th, 2003

August 2nd, 2003

August 30th, 2003

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