I don't want to be here, take me home please.

Keweenaw 2001

Quick Pass under the lift bridge Portage Waterway

A quick pass under the Portage Lift Bridge yeilds this shot. One lonely buoy in the river.

Gauges at Speed Wind in the hair

So calm in the river, I actually had a chance to walk around and snap off some shots. Dad taking the wheel for a few miles. He hasn't driven fast enough to blow all the hair off his head yet. Keep trying Pop's.

Wind in the face Wake Shot

I figured it would be a good deed to put a better picture of my father up, rather the one of him lying on the couch. Here you go Dad, enjoy. Wake shot at around 50 mph.

Dad and I in LacLaBelle Lac LaBelle Lighthouse

Dad and I standing outside the Lac LaBelle resort Inn. Nice place to escape, cozy and quiet (until we start up the engines to leave). Lac LaBelle Lighthouse. Closed to the public, this is the way to get a view, from the water.

Lift Bridge Lowered Michigan Tech

After a quick run out to the North Entry, we were greated by the lowered lift bridge. I wondered if the bridge operator recognized us from last year and lower the bridge to prevent any more high speed fly by's. Either way, it was tight fit creaping underneath the lowered bridge. Michigan Tech campus from the river.

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