Mark III - Pictures

Launching out at Milan Mosquito Killer
  • Left: Trying out the Drag Radials in Stage II before I added the squeeze
  • Right: Warming up the BFG's at Milan Dragway.

    Up in Smoke Someone thinks they're John Force
  • Left: Since I've been using the Drag Radials at the track, I needed to find a use for my worthless street tire. Looks like I found it.
  • Right: Probably should have rolled the windows up before I decided to play "Top Fuel Burn Out".

    Z, Mustang and  James Phantom Gauges
  • Left: My Z, a Mustang and James. No, James' Mustank is not Fast.
  • Right: Auto Meter Phantom Gauges. Speedo, Tach, H2O temp, Oil Pressure and Fuel Pressure from left to right.

    Cleanest it's ever been Not as clean
  • Left: The very first picture of the Silver Z (Mark III) with the V8.
  • Right: Taken out at the Nissan world headquarters at a Michigan Z car meet. Not too many Nissan employee's looked very pleased at my engine of choice. Oh well, screw 'em.

    Z with slicks 1 Z with slicks 2
    Z with slicks 3
  • Upper Left: This is why I bought a set of fender flairs. The wheels look pretty stupid as is, I'm hoping the flares will hide things a bit.
  • Lower Center: For the cheapest wheels I could get, they don't look half bad.
  • Upper Right: It definetly gives that car a more aggresive stance.

    Z, Old Mill Z, New Mill
  • Left: Out with the old motor...
  • Right: with the new motor.

    R200 vs. R180 4150 vs. 4160
  • Left: The smaller R180 on the left next to the larger (slightly oil stained) R200
  • Right: 4150 vacuum secondaries on top, 4160 double pumper on bottom

  • Center: 2" duals going back to a flowmaster Y-pipe, then single 3" pipe to a 3 chamber Flowmaster.
    This is not a plug for Flowmaster! -Andy

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