I don't want to be here, take me home please.

Misc. Boats

Uh... not for long! Ski or Boat, what to do?

Taken at the launch ramp, this picture shows what the locals think of boats like this. However, the boat did get a nice reception up there with plenty of friendly compliments. Parked underneath the high speed six person chairlift at Boyne Mountain. Don't think there will be too much skiing today.

More Dudes at Sausage Island Skunk work for the Captain

A couple of dudes we met out at (surprise surprise) Gull Island. Nice looking Checkmate, but the owner admitted it was not very fast. "It barely goes 70mph, and it takes all day to get there." Oh my god! A boat owner actually being honest! Miracles can happen! The "crew" cleaning up the boat after a long day. A very good way to get invited for future excursions. Gas money also helps a bit!

Whipple Installation in progress Another Dominator

Putting on the finishing touches for the Whiplpe Superchargers. Also pictured, are the new EMI manifolds and risers. The motors are MerCruiser 454 EFI Mag's. With the blowers, horsepower should be in the in mid to high 500's. Sunsation's score big with the chicks, as this picture proves. Otherwise, just another slow summer afternoon in Put In Bay.

Old Scarab 1 Old Scarab 2

Dad's old Scarab docked at Charity Island (illegally I might add!!!)
After being warned not to use the docks on the island, we have the Scarab pictured here, anchored off the shore of Charity.

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