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Mark III Datsun Z Pictures

Launching out at Milan Mosquito Killer

Trying out the Drag Radials in Stage II before I added the squeeze. Warming up the BFG's at Milan Dragway. Somewhere underneath the smoke is my car... I think.

Up in Smoke Someone thinks they're John Force

Since I've been using the Drag Radials at the track, I needed to find a use for my worthless street tire. Looks like I found it. Probably should have rolled the windows up before I decided to play "Top Fuel Burn Out".

Z, Mustang and  James Exhaust System

My Z, a Mustang and James. Once I beat James' Mustang with My Impala, he had to sell it. My six year old "temporary" exhaust system. I have "dreams" of either a single 4" or dual two and a half.

Cleanest it's ever been Not as clean

The very first picture of the Silver Z (Mark III) with the V8. Still missing a few things (like a fuel rail), but it's in there! Taken out at the Nissan world headquarters at a Michigan Z car meet. Not too many Nissan employee's looked very pleased at my engine of choice. Oh well, screw 'em.

Z with slicks 1 Z with slicks 2

This is why I bought a set of fender flairs. The wheels look pretty stupid as is, I'm hoping the flares will hide things a bit. For the cheapest wheels I could get, they don't look half bad.

Z, Old Mill Z, New Mill

Out with the old motor... ...in with the new motor.

R200 vs. R180 4150 vs. 4160

The smaller R180 on the left next to the larger (slightly oil stained) R200. 4150 vacuum secondaries on top, 4160 double pumper on bottom.

Gauges and Shifter Phantom Gauges

The business ned of things, gauges and shifter seen here. Auto Meter Phantom Gauges. Speedo, Tach, H2O temp, Oil Pressure and Fuel Pressure from left to right.

Back half of cage Driver Side of cage

Rear End of the S & W 8 point Roll Bar, with "Old Blue" on stand by. Driver Side bars with nasty seat and 5 point harness.

Driver Side of the Motor Passenger Side of the Motor

Driver side view of the engine compartment with the S&S long tube headers. Same motor and headers, different side of car.

Ground clearance

Ground clearance is a little tight, but I survuve. Speed bumps must be avoided at all cost however.

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