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Norm's Pics

Smoking Z Still Smoking

These pics were actually taken when Norm was running the car's original 2.4L block but with a modified N42 head.
Second part of the burnout

Z vs. Caddy

Here's an aftershot of a burnout before racing a caddy! hehe

Clutch Explosion O-U-C-H!!!

Here is a pic of Norm's clutch explosion!! Moral of the story....... Don't run an old clutch with new slicks!!. Another shot of the clutch explosion.

It used to be a transmission One good... One bad

This is my favorite shot. The remaines of one tranny after removal from the car. Here's a shot of the blown clutch beside a good Z clutch! This is the exact way the clutch looked after removal from the car. Needless to say it took awhile to fix the broken gas,clutch and brake lines as well as the starter motor,radiator, and a part of the block by the bolt hole that was blown off. The 2 inch deep dent in the firewall still remains as does the two holes made in the frame rail and the small hole in the tranny tunnel which was only 1 inch above where Norm's foot rested!!

Norms Head Re-work project: Fall 2001

N42 Head Valves installed in head

Polished chambers on the N42 Head
Valves installed.

New Valves Polished chambers

New valves ready to go.
Chamber polished and blended.

Intake vs. Exhaust Opened Exhaust Ports

Newly opened rectangular exhaust ports next to previously worked intakes.
Opened up exhaust ports.

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