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Other Great Car Projects

Puttin' more gas in the Battle-ac I actually made it Seattle in this thing!!!

On my great road trip across the country after graduation, I was forced to make an unscheduled stop here in Davenport. Did you know that a transmission won't shift until aboslute redline if the vacuum hose to the modulator comes off? Wasn't sure if the old 500 ci beast would hold together at +5000 rpm, but she lasted me another 30,000 miles after this. A rare sunny winter afternoon in Seattle Washington. For $600 bucks, this baby not only took me to Seattle, but up into British Columbia, down to Los Angeles, then back to Detroi with Mark III in tow. They sure don't make 'em like they used to.

Impala Towing the Boat Clean Merk

Helping out the old man by offering him the Impala as a tow vehicle until the Super Duty arrived. Black 1996 Impala SS, the least and only (good) year to get them! Went mid 13's on the spray, but I've only been midding mid to high 14's on the motor lately. Gotta make this one last. Bought for $1100 smack-a-roo's as a Winter Beater. When I bought the car, it over heated, had no boost, chocked up exhaust, and was slower than a Ford. One $5 dollar thermostat later, the over heating problem was solved. A hack saw and a $20 dollar cherry bomb fixed the exhaust problem. Finally, a small piece of wire firmly attaching the wastegate rod to the turbo to prevent it from pooping off again, a small bleeder valve, and a T-bird intercooler yeilds 17psi of boost. She keeps up nicely with the Impala.


Good ole' Pete snapped off this shot while driving out to York PA in 1997 for the anual "Z car convention". We had a blast. Jer's turbo L28 (2.8 liter turbo charged straight six) was pretty even with the Mark II at the time, so of course we had plenty of "racing" to do while driving the 10 - 12 hours out there and back.

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