I don't want to be here, take me home please.

Scott's Pics

Turbo 280Z Another still shot

Taken in the shade. Nobody in Michigan ever considers the "Sun" to be a factor when taking pictures (i.e. since we don't see it that often).
50 series tires on rims for a 4 bolt Mustang.

Warmin' up the hides! Did some one start a camp fire?

Warming up the tires at Ubly Internation Dragway in beautiful Ubly Michigan. Another unsuspecting victom.

Up in Smoke No More Clock

Another Mosquito Killing Burnout at Ubly International Dragway. Boost Gauge replaces old funtionless clock.

Intercooler Front Engine

Front mounted intercooler. Engine compartment.

Runnin' against a bike (and winning!)

Running against a bike... and winning!!!

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