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Bravo vs. Spinelli propellers

Hubs up Pitch of Spinelli

Generic upper side view of the two props next to each other. The prop on the left is the older 28" Bravo, while the prop on the right is the new 31" Spinelli. Measuring the cup of the Spinelli prop.

Spinelli Pitch Looking In

Pitch view of the Spinelli. We didn't get any physical numbers, these pictures are just a comparison between the two props. Notice the surface area on the Bravo (on the left again) compared to the Spinelli. I think I figured out why the Bravo's are so easy to get up on plane, while the Spinelli's take a little coaxing.

Surface Area Bravo Cup

Same view as above, only with a ruler for scale comparison. Cup measurement of the Bravo Prop.

Bravo Pitch Height comparison

Pitch measurement of the Bravo close to the hub. Height difference between the two props. Spinelli is a little shorter than the Bravo.

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