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2002 Winter Toronto Boat Show

Open Bow Donzi Donzi premiums for a helm like this????

I told Drew that open bows are for for girls (my personal opinion). I told him to "look gay" so I could take a picture of this open bow 28' Donzi. Good job Drew. Donzi's are always priced at a premium compared to other offshores. The severe orange peel on the ill-fit metal gauge cluster left a lot to be desired.

20 something Donzi Nice Gauge Layout

A nice looking 20 something Donzi with a 502 mag. I've got a feeling, though, that it chine walks like hell. From a boat test magazine: "Needs a steady hand at the wheel during WOT and full trim." Now this the type of gauge layout I would expect with a higher price tag.

Big Blower Motors Number Six Drives

Big blower motors in a 37 foot Outerlimits. The owner, or marina rep, of this boat was sort of a prick. Didn't want to answer any questions and wouldn't let anyone get within 10 feet of the boat. Not a good way to sell boats if you ask me. Hmmm... buy a new house, or buy new number 6 drives for the boat?

Outerlimits Helm 33 Scarab Helm

When jerk-boy wasn't looking, I quickly snapped off this shot of the Outerlimits helm. You bring a boat like this to a fricking boat show... people are gonna want to look at it (duh!!!) I was really surprised as to how well I fit into the 33 Scarab's helm. Very comfortable and functional.

Twin HP500EFI's HP500EFI with Bravo on Box

A pair of HP 500 EFI motors in the 33 Scarab. An HP 500 EFI with a ZX drive on a box in the Mercury display section of the show.

39 foot Velocity As apposed to 'virtual props'

Looking down the side of a nice 39 foot Velocity. I asked the sales rep how big the pad was on the bottom of the hull. He responded by saying that all Velocity's come from the factory with equal amount of padding in the seats. Do not confuse these propellers for "virtual" or "fake" ones. These are the real deal baby! GENUINE propellers!

60' Carver Exhaust port Showing off my superior intelligence.

This 60' Carver-like cruiser had the largest exhaust port I had seen in a long time. Since I posted the picture of Drew in his "Rainbow" pose, I figure I should post a picture of myself doing something stupid as well. I think I can see it's kidney!

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