The Family

I don't want to be here, take me home please.

  • This is the man responsible for all my warped car projects... my father. This vintage late 1960's picture shows the old man (next to my sweet and loving mother) with his very first (and only) drag racing trophy. The real story was that my Dad was the only car in his class, and all he needed to do to win the trophy was cross the finish line. So, with a smoking 19.5 second E.T. at 64mph, the old man went home with both the girl, and the trophy. Way to go Pop's!!!

  • Dad's comment's on the above statement: "Nice job. You forgot to mention my street racing days. I beat Ed Klais' 1953 Hemi Chrysler with Aunt Sharons 260 cu. in. Mustang Convertible, 3spd stick, 2bbl. I smoked the right rear off the car. It only lasted another week. I claimed no knowledge of anything that would have contributed to premature tire failure. We also use to race on 11 mile road by the Nike missle base between Inskter and Franklin, behind the cemetary. That was the only street race I won with someone who knew they were racing."

  • Mom's comment's on the above statement: "I showed your web-site to Carmen in my office. She thinks you should edit it and take out the word "old" in reference to your long suffering mom." It's been taken care of Mom, you are now referenced as "sweet and loving".

  • After three kids and a few years of marriage, Dad's racing days were brought to a grinding hault. However, he has been making a turnaround these last few years. He bought the Boat last year, and has been tweaking his own Merkur XR4Ti lately. Could be he's looking for a few more trophy's to add to his collection.

    Didn't I tell you to go do something to yourself?

  • "Hey Bayley... what do you think about marriage these days?!?"

    How I spent my 2 year anniversary... and no, Drew is not some sort of queer lover!

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