I don't want to be here, take me home please.

Lake Erie

Sun setting over Put in Bay 30 feet from the longest bar in the world

Drew was able to snap off this beauty while camping out for the night in Put in Bay. The picture might appear calm and relaxing, but the town is just starting to wake up. Here we are standing 30 feet from the longest bar in the world. Funny, the night before this picture was taken, we had to wait a good fifteen minutes for a drink. I told you, this town get's crazy at night.

Cedar Point Park Downtown Cleveland

One of the bazillion roller coasters at Cedar Point. This park has a huge 1st class marina, but the beach on the other side of the point makes a great place to ancor and swim (and possibly get run over by a jet ski or two...) Downtown Cleveland Skyline just before heading into the flats area. I tell you, these Ohio people just love to get shit-faced. There were more bars in the Flats area than I could count. And how nice, they are all boat accessible...

Gravely Shoals Light Spring Time Boating on the Great Lakes

While not Lake Erie, Saginaw Bay often feels like it (shallow and flat). This is another one of Drew's signature sunset photo's. After slowing down and taking the pictures, we realized we still had a long way to go before we made landfall... and it's now getting dark. It made for a fun, and rapid, trip back. Spring Time Boating in the Great Lakes can be a little brisk at times. That doesn't stop most of us though.

Boat and Truck Do Not Enter

Boat and the Truck leaving Port Austin Michigan. It was a REAL crowded that afternoon, I think we saw three other boats out on the lake.
Hmmm... Are you sure this is on the chart?

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