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Pictured Rocks

Castle Rock IndianRock

The first major attractin along the shore is the famous Castle Rock. This is by far the most popular formation on the shore, because it is accessible from land. While it's size is impressive, there are many other impressive rock formations further north up the coast. The next stop was at Indian Rock. From this angle, the rock looks like the profile of an Indian. Pretty cool!

Chapple Rock Chapple Falls

An interesting site, one lonely tree growing on top of Chapple Rock. This is where the tour boat stops because of lesser water depths. At 15 feet however, we weren't too concerned. Chapple Falls, the northern extent of our trip. The water was getting rather shallow as we approached, so we backed off once we saw the level come up to only five feet. This picture was taken at ten feet (of water depth).

  • There were many other rock formations that were pretty incredible. However, it seemed like we were too busy site seeing and didn't take too many pictures. Other cool places are Portal Rock and the little cave between Portal Rock and the Chapple Rock. One nice thing about the tour boat, is that it stops into this cave and does a nice little donut (if you will...) for all the riders. After seeing this, I had to give it a try. Caught it on video, but none of the pictures turned out (too dark).

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